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Design principles for 200 square meters of supermarket shelves

Pulished on Dec. 23, 2023

What is the concept of 200 square meters?Equivalent to the size of 2-5 convenience stores.Therefore, the variety of products and customer flow are greater than those of convenience stores.

The more passengers that need to be received at the same time, the greater the workload, but the more opportunities there will be.

How can we seize business opportunities and make every customer who enters the store "return with a full load"?The design and placement of professional and scientific supermarket shelves is particularly important.

The display of shelves and goods is nothing more than the word "easy".Regardless of the size of the store, "convenience" is the main design starting point for the store.

Only by truly bringing "convenience" to customers can we attract repeat customers and promote the good development of the store.

Supermarket personnel should place products with high sales volume, high brand awareness, and hot-selling products in the most conspicuous positions on the shelves where customers can easily access them.

Design principles for 200 square meters of supermarket shelves

In order to attract some customers who do not have a strong desire to shop, supermarkets can organize cabinets of related products, such as cabinets for women's products and cabinets for children's products and children's toys.The snack area is placed adjacent to the beverage area, fresh food area, and fruit and vegetable area.This can serve as a hint to customers, remind them to consume, and induce them to purchase.

The most common display shelves used in supermarkets are between 1500-2500mm in height.Analyze the best display segments from a high level.The upper and middle sections are the golden sections.

The second and third floors of the shelves are visible to the eyes and are the easiest to reach products with hands. This position is usually used to display high-profit, high-selling, free-brand products or exclusive agent products.Products in the same height category are also particular.Since most people are right-handed, the sales of products on the right are usually higher than those on the left.

In the lower section of the shelf, consumers need to squat down to select products.This product should be large in size, heavy in weight, with low brand awareness, and products with lower sales of the same brand and taste.