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warehouse storage shelves mobile racking

Product Feature

Mobile racking is one of the high density storage shelf systems, which is evolved from pallet shelves or plate shelves.

 Generally, two rows of shelves are installed in a group on a mobile base, and the base is installed to connect the long axis,

 which drives the four rollers on the long axis to move along the track spread on the ground.

The system only needs 1~2 channels, and the space utilization is very high. The goods are stored and accessed by forklift trucks, 

and the channel is usually about 3M. According to the bearing capacity of the rack, it can be divided into light duty, 

medium duty and heavy duty three kinds of mobile shelves. Light duty and medium duty are generally moved by hand,

 and the heavy duty mobile rack is electrically controlled, and the motor and reducer are installed in the base for easy movement.